Access Tonneau Cover & Accessories

Providing your vehicle with a quality Access tonneau cover is one of the good investments you can make. Compose of a piece of heavy-duty vinyl that significantly covers the truck bed to protect your valuables and includes snaps, C-channels or a roll-down locking mechanism, the tonneau cover has also other functions. It also improves gas mileage and it looks great on your travel body. It also creates a more aerodynamic profile and boosts your fuel economy.

Another good thing about Access tonneau cover is that it is very easy to install. Unlike the others, this cover is equipped with easy to use bolt on features for easy installation; you may not need any tools in installing this product. It employs an ingenious latch mechanism found at the rear cover so as to automatically stretch the vinyl taut. A so-called Velcro securely seals the Access tonneau cover's sides and it is entirely permanently attached at the truck bed's front.

And if you want to unroll it, simply unlatch the back and rolled it to the front. And to close it, just unroll it, and then push the rear bar into the latch as well as the vinyl seals tightly into the pick up bed truck. The Access tonneau cover's velcro sides helps provides an excellent waterproof ability than any other regular covers on the shelf. Here in Parts Train we have a complete line up of Access tonneau covers for every truck. Feel free to browse our online catalog where we have a huge selection of auto products as well as accessories.