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Car owners had a field day when Access first introduced their variety of tonneau covers. It became an instant hit and spurred more varieties in the market. Access is one brand that does not rest on its laurels. They continue to introduce innovative products such as the Access cover and the tonneau cover hardware to cater to the demand of high-quality and up-to-date truck accessories. With the help of modern technology, they came up with more features such as the tension adjuster which permits manual tuning of the cover to ensure tightness, and weather seals to secure the cargoes.

Access tonneau cover is made of vinyl and can be removed easily. It offers secure latching because it is fixed firmly to the metal header that is located at the front area of the truck bed. You can easily attach it to the side rails that has Velcro on the entire span of the bed and to the metal support bows. It has a unique latch mechanism that mechanically drags the cover tight in order to provide a firm coverage. This is perfect especially if the weather is bad. If you wan to cover the truck, you don't have to struggle with the vinyl, all you have to do is simple unroll it and the rest will automatically fall into place.

The Access cover is a great improvement over the tonneau covers. It has a pioneering fastening device that eliminates the common problems of tonneau covers such as rusty snaps, insubstantial material, and the tendency to shrink during cold weather. It is connected to the front portion of the truck bed and unrolls easily. This heavy-duty vinyl cover guarantees a tight coverage because it is fastened to a tension clamp that stretches even in chilly conditions. The metal bows are attached to the cover itself which gives you an easy access to the bed when you unroll it.

There is also Access tonneau cover hardware that you can use for an easy and fixed hold of the cover. You can buy all these Access products at Parts Train. We offer easy-on-the-budget car parts and accessories. Simply log on to our website or call our toll-free hotline for more information.