Accel Vacuum Advance & Accessories

The Accel vacuum advance performs a significant task to your vehicle. Old cars have the ability to adjust their engine spark timing which is important to them. Generally, the spark advance is composed of a lever that sticks out on the steering column side, mounted on the vehicle distributor through a series of linkages and consequently pivots the unit. It is significant to have the timing retarded preceding to cranking the engine. If not, it will cause some problems; the engine may kick back, thumping the crank from your hand that might result to wrist injury.

When the engine is running, the timing should be maintained at the advance setting in order to achieve better speed as well as fuel economy; it may only reduce speed when running under a load of driving like in a hill country. And that is what an Accel vacuum advance does to your car. Fully calibrated with great features like the GM/Delco V8 points-type distributor that provides a superb performance especially when it comes to advance curve, the Accel vacuum advance also has a kit that is equipped with a complete set of hardware and other essential components. Not only that, it also includes a full set of installation instructions.

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