Accel Starter Solenoid & Accessories

Equipping your vehicle with a quality Accel starter solenoid will help improve its performance. If you own a ride that has been home-customized in order to level up its power and performance, your vehicle might need some specialized components to achieve that desire. And one of those special components is the Accel starter solenoid, which is a form of ultra-torque solenoid that features copper windings as well as contacts and also includes an excellent corrosion-resistant stainless steel plunger.

Due to its vast experience when it comes to engineering, designing and manufacturing of auto products, Accel has been the leader in ignition systems for almost twenty five years now. More enthusiasts go for Accel products because of their amazing performance and great quality that enable them to reach the top level of performance through an excellent management of the fuel mixture , better ignition timing and spark delivery. These are some of the good results of Accel people's effort to bring you auto components that will help solve some car problems while at the same time improving your car's functionality like no other. Their dedication to engineering, research and testing results of their products helps every car owner to achieve their 'desire' for their vehicle.

Aside from creating high performance starter and ignition components, Accel also produce intake manifold and fuel system. Plus, they also have a nationwide network of Engine Management Installation Centers, so in case you encounter some installation problems, you can ask help from them. But not only that, they also offer tech support. And if you need a starter solenoid for your car, Parts Train has a lot to offer. We provide a huge selection of Accel starter solenoids for every vehicle make and model. Our site is one of the good sources of quality auto parts and accessories so visit us today.