Accel Starter & Accessories

The Accel starter is responsible for delivering loads of torque in order to crank up your vehicle engine in all sorts of conditions. Designed specifically so as to convert the electricity into the mechanical energy, the Accel starter is an auto component that is responsible in harnessing the power of the vehicle's battery. Once the key is inserted into the ignition switch and has been turned into a start position, consequently, a small current amount will run into the neutral safety switch then into the starter solenoid otherwise known as the starter relay. Through this process, the vehicle motor will then crank the engine to make the piston generate suction that draws in the air and fuel mixture directly into the cylinder. This will start the engine.

The activation of the auto starter permits the forward movement of the solenoid plunger that triggers the shift yoke to operate in the opposite direction while at the same time the flywheel and pinion are engaged. These two components are responsible in the starting process of the engine, the pinion locked its shaft through the clutch that discharge when the engine begins to start up. The flywheel on the other hand, rotates in the highest speed rate and later on the pinion will spin in order to allow the clutch protect the motor against any damage until the drive has been pulled in.

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