Accel Spark Plug Wires & Accessories

Accel spark plug wires are very tough and durable enough to withstand any kind of beating. Plus, they are not a moving part of the vehicle so they do not wear out early. But don't be that confident, still, you have to provide careful inspection on your spark plug wires to avoid any problems. When the spark plug wire ages, it develops cracks, gets brittle which will really affect its efficiency. And any damaged in the spark plug wires will greatly affect the entire engine mechanism. Faulty spark plug wires causes engine misfiring, rough running, and fouled spark plugs. And the worse, spark plug wires problem is not easy to detect because its core and its insulation problems can be somewhere hiding the spark plug wire's surface.

But with a new set of spark plug wires, the ignition performance will be restored. And when it comes to high quality spark plug wires, Accel spark plug wires are the excellent choice. These spark plugs are equipped with heavy-duty silicone jacketing as well as low-resistance core. The Accel folks, the creators of this magnificent spark plug wires have been serving the industry for several years. Their dedication to engineering, research and testing result in their entire products has helped every gear head hobbyists to attain superb vehicle performance through excellent fuel mixture, better spark delivery and ignition timing.

Here in Parts Train, we stock high quality replacement spark plug wires such as the high performance Accel spark plug wires. When you install the Accel spark plug wires in your car, you'll see the big difference. It effectively provides a hotter spark so that your ride will have a better combustion, increasing the horsepower and torque. So browse our catalog now and get top quality Accel spark plug wires from us and we guarantee you a supreme ignition performance.