Accel Point Set & Accessories

The Accel point set is one of the important components of the vehicle's ignition system. Without a fully functioning ignition system, your car will not function well. So make sure to always maintain this system's good condition. When ignition is the topic, it also refers to the word 'fire' and if your car needs to start up and running, 'fire' awakes it. And when you buy a genuine automotive part from a great company like Accel, you are also getting the best engineering, high quality and supreme performance.

Accel have been established since 1980, they have been providing the industry with high quality automotive products with their vast experience in engineering, design and manufacturing auto parts and system. Their dedication to engineering, research and testing result applied in their products has help every enthusiast to achieve the highest level of performance through an excellent management of fuel mixture, better ignition timing and spark delivery. One good example is the Accel point set, specifically designed to withstand the point float to reach the 6500 RPM without a single contact. It offers an amazing contact assembly that features a superb performance, like 32-ounce points. Amazing, isn't it?

Aside from the great automotive products, Accel is also good when it comes to supporting their customers. They have a nationwide network of the Engine Management Installation Systems, created to give their customers a massive technical support and at the same time free installation assistance. So what are you waiting for? Get your point set from Accel now! For more choice of Accel products, visit Parts Train. We have a complete line of good quality Accel point set for every vehicle make and model. Feel free to browse our online catalog for more Accel automotive products.