Accel Performance Module & Accessories

Most of car owners today prefer to enhance their vehicle by using some useful and modern device that is really easy to install and effective for enhancing their car's power as well as torque. Among these modern devices is the Accel performance module. The Accel performance module is so easy to install. In fact it will only take for about fifteen minutes. And even if you have little knowledge about mechanics, its manual can provide you with the instructions and guidelines you need. With just matter of few minutes, you can instantly use it.

This performance module is used to enhance the line pressure, injection timing, the length that the injector are held open, and the tendency to deposit more fuel while creating power for about 50 to 100 HP and 100 lbs of torque. Its tendency to adjust has a greater advantage of increasing fuel economy in any driving condition. The throttle response is also improved. In addition, this device has the greatest advantage of reducing the downshifting condition while towing.

Different features are available for different performance modules. Some performance module comes with a monitor or a digital gauge that sets up and monitors the new working level of the vehicle. This device is really advanced, for it adds up power and torque transversely to the power band. So why not consider ordering it now and soon experience boosting your car with power and torque. Parts Train is open anytime of the day to provide you with all your car part needs. Parts Train's web based system provides you the most convenient, easy, quick and safe way of shopping online. Should you need personal assistance to answer some of your queries, you may call our toll-free numbers and our customer service representatives will be glad to be of service to you.