Accel Ignition Control System & Accessories

There are two basic electrical circuits found in an ignition control system. These are the primary and the secondary circuits. A part that carries low voltage is called the primary voltage while the secondary circuits involve high tension current. The primary circuit is actually used in direct current and is being controlled by the ignition switch and the breaker points, whereas the secondary circuit uses a distributor that moves through and makes contact with the spark plug.

The Accel ignition control system is one of the top quality ignition control system for virtually all car makes and models. This product is more accurate compared to others. Basically, this is composed of a high voltage ignition wires, spark plugs, the ignition coil, and the distributor. Any vehicle can use and be installed with this Accel ignition control system. This product actually uses the most advanced technology and techniques during operation. It is being controlled electronically or through a computer.

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