Accel Ignition Condenser & Accessories

Before the vehicle set into motion, a magnetic filed around the coil windings should first be produced by the current. But of course, this is somewhat difficult. In fact this will not occur right away since the current and the magnetic field needs enough time to reach the maximum value. This 'enough time' required is actually determined by the resistance of the coil winding. The duration of the distributor to contacts until it closes, can also be another factor that can identify the time needed in order to reach the maximum value.

So when there is only little time that these contacts remain closed, the current is also not able to reach the maximum value. As the breaker points are opened, the primary current flows continuously. The winding will also increase through the aid of the iron core. The ignition condenser will prevent the formation of arc across the contact points. Absence of the ignition condenser could create an arc through the stimulated voltage from which the magnetic energy could also be used in this arc. And if this happens, the contact point will be burned and ignition would not occur. So in order to prevent this condition, a good functioning condenser should be used.

Through the rapid action of cutting the magnetic field, the voltage is being stimulated to the secondary windings. Damaged ignition condenser may cause this high voltage not to jump on the gap at the spark plug, so it would be very difficult for you to start your car. But you can actually avoid this trouble by replacing immediately this damaged ignition condenser with a new Accel ignition condenser available here at Parts Train. Just browse our user-friendly catalog and you will surely find what you need.