Accel Ignition Coil & Accessories

The ignition system is a very important part of the overall engine system. This system provides for the timely burning of the fuel mixture within the engine. The ignition system is of course comprised of several components. The ignition coil is one of the ignition system components. The ignition coil like the Accel ignition coil, also known or called a spark coil is an induction coil that is designed to transform a storage battery's 12 volts to the thousands of volts needed to spark the spark plugs.

The ignition coil is the device that turns low voltage into high voltage to be able to fire the spark plugs. When 12 volts passes through the spark coil's main windings, it produces a strong magnetic field. The ignition coil's interior consists of primary and secondary windings of wire coiled just about a vertically installed soft-iron core. Because of the ratio of primary to secondary windings, a small amount of input voltage is transformed into a very large output voltage. The ignition coil achieves this task through the use of the principle of induction.

Older automobiles were equipped with a single but large ignition coil that would help the spark plug serve its function. Now, in the long run, your car's ignition coil will succumb to wear and tear and will definitely needs replacement. Ignition coil troubles include shorts or open in the internal wiring as well as cracks around the high voltage terminal. If you experienced these signs, might as well, replace your ignition coil. Once the coil is damaged, the vehicle will not run. This is because a spark is not produced. For your vehicle to be able to run, order a new ignition coil and have it installed immediately. You can purchase it here at Parts Train. You can also call our toll-free numbers for further inquiries.