Accel Fuel Pressure Regulator & Accessories

The Accel fuel pressure regulator is a device that works with the fuel pump. It works in maintaining the fuel pressure in the fuel injectors and the intake manifold. It is the cylindrical metal object that is attached along the fuel rail or the fuel manifold and the firewall. The fuel pressure regulator's sensing ability automatically adjusts the fuel pressure that is being delivered to the nitrous system proportionate to the blower boost, putting off a lean 'power robbing' condition at higher RPMs.

The Accel fuel pressure regulator is one of the finest fuel pressure regulators available and is very useful device for 'fine-tunning' the NOS system of your specifc car. Basically, this fuel pressure regulator works in maintaining the pressure inside the fuel system in a constant rate of 28psi. Through the aid of the spring-loaded diaphragm the valve is being controlled. This valve uncovers the fuel line in order to return the excess fuel to the fuel tank. The valve is opened because of too much pressure.

A vacuum that is connected to it is also found. It works in reducing the emissions during the deceleration by opening the fuel return valve much wider. With such, the pressure is reduced which prevents excess hydrocarbon emissions because of the lower pressure inside the system that results to injecting little amount of fuel. Since this device can provide an automatic self-adjusting pressure regulator and an emission control device but comes in one product, this regulator makes it really an advantage. So take advantage of it, avail of this product here at Parts Train. Simply browse through Parts Train comprehensive list of auto parts and accessories and surely you can find the Accel fuel pressure regulator for your car.