Accel Fuel Injector & Accessories

The fuel injector like the Accel fuel injector is a part of the fuel system that works in providing the engine the fuel it needs during its function. A vehicle will become useless once the fuel system and its components are bad. Even if the entire engine structure is well improved, still the vehicle's running condition will rely on the fuel system. With such importance, you must therefore maintain its condition in perfect shape. This includes all the accompanying accessories and components found within. The fuel injector is again one of its components.

The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve which is found in the intake manifold so that fuel can be sprayed directly to the intake valves. It is the fuel pump that supplies the fuel injector pressurized fuel and is capable of opening and closing several times per second. A computer actually does control this signaling. The amount of fuel supplied to the car's engine is verified by the amount of time the injector stays open. This is called the pulse width which is being controlled by the ECU or the engine control unit which is also equipped with several sensors to provide the right amount of fuel.

In order for the fuel injector to serve its job efficiently, it needs to be free from any harmful elements. Dirt, dust and other tiny particles can penetrate into the fuel injector even if the fuel filter is working hard to filter these elements. So you have to to check on the fuel system regularly. And if the need for replacement arises, Parts Train is the only online store that you should visit. We offer the finest Accel fuel injector that will remarkably comply with your vehicle's needs. If you need personal assistance in purchasing the Accel fuel injector, you can call Parts Train's customer representatives through the toll-free numbers.