Accel Distributor Rotor & Accessories

The engine is the main component of the vehicle. It is an amazing machine that has progressed over the years. Now, the engine is surprisingly magnificent, allowing every car to function. But the engine cannot work its job alone. It needs its subsystems, including the fuel system, camshafts, cooling system, turbochargers and gears to perform its function. But there is only one system where all it comes together – the ignition system. The ignition system is composed of several components and the distributor rotor is one of those.

The distributor rotor like the Accel distributor rotor is mounted on top of the rotating shaft. On its top is a metal strip which is in constant contact with the center terminal of the distributor cap. The function of the distributor rotor is to receive high voltage surge from the coil wire and then sends this to the other end of the distributor rotor that rotates past each spark plug terminal within the distributor cap. Maintaining the condition of the distributor rotor can help lengthen it lifespan. If trouble has occurred, getting a replacement is what you should do.

When getting a replacement, remember to consider the quality of materials used. Find a distributor rotor that is crafted from the finest and the most durable material that will employ a superior function and protection against arching and cross-firing. You can also consider a design that is rust resistant and with a high conductivity for extreme temperature. Actually, all these features are found in one product and that is the Accel distributor rotor available here at Parts Train. You can place your order through Parts Train's user-friendly online system or you can call any of Parts Train's toll-free numbers and get that personal assistance from Parts Train's friendly customer representatives.