Accel Distributor Gear & Accessories

The power of your vehicle starts with the ignition system. This system is comprised of essential components like the distributor, spark plugs, coil, batter, alternator, wiring, and the distributor gear. Considering how this system works will make you realize how important its components are. And crucial as they are, they need immediate replacement when damaged. This is especially true with your stock distributor gear. Thanks however to aftermarket brands such as the Accel; you can now replace your damaged stock distributor gear with more reliable Accel distributor gear.

Accel has actually been in the market since early 80's. They had established a name that is known for performance ignition and fuel system components. Among these is the Accel distributor gear which is designed to work in distributing the spark energy for every ignition lead. Typically, it has a gear, electrode finger, and shaft. Once the gear is turned, the electrode finger will come close to every distributor block contact which connects itself to the ignition lead. This spark jumps from the small gap found between the electrode finger and the block contact.

This Accel Distributor gear actually offers a couple of advantages. Its design conditions are engineered to fit various vehicle models and are guaranteed to be tough. Definitely it is a good option as opposed to a factory product. Order your Accel distributor gear only at the trusted online store that provides high-quality and durable auto parts and accessories – Parts Train. Over the years, we take pride of providing you the most convenient way of purchasing your needed auto part.