Accel Distributor Cap & Accessories

The ignition system is among the very important systems found in your vehicle. Without it, you car would not be able to run. The ignition system is tasked to generate a spark that will ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine's cylinder. It sends an extremely high voltage to the spark plug and the tip of each spark plug contains a gap in which the voltage must jump across to be able to reach ground. That is where the spark takes place. But the ignition system cannot do this alone so the system is composed of different components that work simultaneously to serve the system's purpose. Your Accel distributor cap is one of those parts.

How does this distributor cap works for your car? The distributor cap helps the distributor serve its function. The distributor is the primary component of the mechanical ignition system and has two tasks to perform. First, it triggers the ignition coil to produce a spark at the right instant which is needed by the engine. Second, as the name implies, distributes the high voltage from the coil to the right cylinder. This is done by the distributor cap and the rotor. The ignition coil is connected to the rotor that spins the distributor cap.

Proper maintenance of the distributor cap is essential to avoid unexpected failure. Regular check up can keep all these ignition system components as well as the distributor cap in perfect shape. And if symptoms have started to come up, immediately ask for a professional help. Usually, trouble with the distributor cap is recognized through difficulty in starting especially during cold weather, stalling, backfiring, knocking, and a power band 'miss'. But you can avoid this by replacing this distributor cap immediately. And if finding this product bothers you, Parts Train will provide you the finest Accel distributor cap that you need. Parts Train is online store that carries all kinds of auto parts as well as accessories that are of high-quality.