Accel Car Parts & Accessories

When it comes to high-definition ignition systems and parts, nobody does it better than Accel. Accel ignition components have been known to power various engines for the last 25 years. This brand is recognized for producing superb and top-grade components that undergoes excellent engineering and rigid tests. Its products supplement the engine with more power and torque. The result is a more efficient and smooth performing vehicle. It has introduced various innovations when it comes to spark plug technology and mechanical techniques.

There are plenty of products that you will find useful for your car, such as the Accel ignition upgrades. The new ignition box can provide your ride with more spark power than the standard breaker point distributors. It has a great counterpart in the form of a high-power ignition coil. You can replace your old cast and billet distributor with a more effective and powerful Accel ignition distributor for the same price as a stock rebuild.

You know that it is very important to have the right amount of fuel injected into your engine. Accel fuel injectors have more power to supply the engine with fuel that comes with added capacity and better durability than the standard ones. It is important to avoid the occurrence of a lean fuel mixture so that you will not damage the other essential engine components. Perhaps the most popular performance upgrade among car enthusiasts is the Accel spark plug wires. They have better RFI suppression, advance delivery of spark from the spark plugs and longer existence than stock wires.

There are plenty of Accel performance products that you can choose from aside from those mentioned above. Among them are the ignition coils, alternators, starters, performance wire sets, distributors, air filters and spark plugs. Most of these products can be installed easily, but Accel also has chains of Engine Management Installation Centers that can provide you with technical assistance if ever you need one. There are plenty of Accel knock-offs that are selling in the market. Parts Train has authentic Accel performance parts for your vehicles. Log on to our online site to view our complete product list.