ATE Brake Caliper & Accessories

Your vehicle is as good as its brakes. And whenever you slow down and stop your vehicle, its brake caliper gets quite a workout. Brake calipers like the ATE brake caliper refer to the U-shaped component which is a part of the disc brake system. It works to hold the brake pads against the disc every time the brake pedal is depress. Such clamping motion of the caliper creates the friction needed in order to stop your vehicle's running motion. As soon as you hit the brake pedal in your vehicle, you are able to squeeze the fluid out of the master cylinder that is then piped to all four wheels of your vehicle. At each of these four corners is the brake caliper that receives the pressurized brake fluid and utilizes it to be able to squeeze the brake rotor between the brake pads, bringing your vehicle to a full stop. If you then get a bad brake caliper, all sorts of bad situation can come up and can largely affect the braking power of your vehicle. A brake caliper that leaks can only contaminate the brake pads and likely results to locked-up wheels. Also a faulty brake caliper can cause grabbing brakes, the production of noise like squealing, scrapping or clicking, and pulling to one side whenever you come to a stop. Such things are just few of the situations you will possibly experience if you will not immediately replace your vehicle's worn out brake caliper. For your brake caliper needs, you can start browsing through our complete comprehensive catalog and find the right brake caliper for your vehicle, including other parts and accessories for your other automotive needs.