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Braking is one thing; braking safely is another. The application of the brakes is actually a process that involves a lot of things-not just merely bringing your vehicle to a halt. And if you want all the aspects of braking covered every time you press on the brake pedal, you have to be sure that the brake parts in your vehicle are of the top quality. This is especially important when it comes to the pads and rotors in your ride. Well, with a leading brake parts manufacturer like ATE, that's not a problem. The brand has you covered in all your braking needs.

When it comes to the automotive market, you can consider this company as one of the pioneers. And why not, it has a century of experience to back it up. It has a lot of innovations to boast on its side, from the hydraulic brakes to the antilock brake prototype. Right now, the company is one of those with a complete selection of aftermarket brake parts that rival even OEM components. The goal of ATE? Well, simply to provide car owners with parts that will meet and exceed original braking components in terms of stopping performance and road safety.

The brake rotors offered by the company do not only feature strong structural integrity but as well as resistance to such elements as salt and dirt. They're also so advanced in that they are equipped with a wear indicator to help car owners determine when a new replacement is already needed. Meanwhile, the pads from ATE are built with high-quality compound that does not only produce friction better but also wears more slowly than others and produces less brake dust. These are just but two of the leading parts from the brand. All its other products boast of the quality that is at par with these components.

If you want these ATE parts in your vehicle, all you have to do is to click on our selection here at Parts Train and you can have all these in no time. For a hassle-free shopping, you can make use of our part finder. This will ensure that you'll get only the right parts for your ride, without any mistake in fit and match. And as much as you want safety in your drive, we know you also want safety when you shop online. That's a guarantee here!