AST Car Parts & Accessories

Suspension upgrades are not just for offroaders and for race drivers. Even if you're just an average car owner who drives your car everyday from your home to your office, you can still get a suspension upgrade. And, AST is one brand that you can trust when it comes to that. A suspension upgrade is beneficial in many ways. For one, it can eliminate all the unwanted movements that you encounter in your drives when you run over bumps and potholes. And with the elimination of these, you'll also have a more stable drive, thus guaranteed safety.

AST is a leading manufacturer of shock absorbers for a wide range of vehicles. It has been offering suspension parts for around 35 years now, and its operation has always been backed by racetrack experience and close encounters with auto enthusiasts. Thus, the company knows just what it takes to excel, and it is this knowledge which it applies in the manufacture of its parts. From measurement to testing, the brand employs stringent methods that guarantee the best results. And, such methods are used even in the manufacture of the smallest components for average cars.

Other than shock absorbers, you can also find suspension bushings and mounts from AST. At present the brand offers parts for street cars, sports vehicles, race autos, and even custom-made rides. In fact, it offers suspension parts even for motorbikes. From conceptualization to the transformation of its concepts to concrete products, the company excels. Now, the brand has already explored outside of its fields and it already offers air jacks and even air cleaners. So, you can turn to it for your other needs aside from the suspension. All of its parts are also guaranteed to restore your vehicle to like new performance.

And, the good thing about this is that it's very easy to find the said parts. In fact, you're already at the right place! We at Parts Train offers a wide range of auto parts from AST. We also have parts from other leading manufacturers, not just for the suspension of your ride but as well as for all other systems. And, we have components both for race cars and street vehicles. All these, you can easily have by simply browsing our catalog and placing your order online. You can also call us anytime, or chat with our agents for assistance during your online shopping.