APC Wiper Cowls & Accessories

Looking for something that can make your car a real head-turner? Well it's just easy, replacing the stock black grate that is found between the hood and the windscreen with our APC wiper cowl could actually provide you with that look you long desire. From the wide variety of auto accessories offered in the marker nowadays, wiper cowls are not that common compared to spoilers, body kits, hubcaps, car bras, vent visors, tail light and headlight covers, bumper trims, and the like. But once these APC wiper cowls are installed, your car will surely catch every eye's attention.

Not only do APC wiper cowls provide vehicles a stylish and eye-catching look, these auto frills will also protect the conceal your car's wiper area. Yes, wiper cowls serve a dual purpose, while adding a magnificent look to your car; it also provides protection to the wipers. All the wiper cowls from APC are crafted from high-quality materials like fiberglass that warp like other inferior grade wiper cowls. And these wiper cowls are also perfect fit, you can install it easily without so many tools required.

The product actually includes a manual that will guide you on the whole process plus other mounting hardware. The design was also crafted in a skillful manner which uses a tough polymer that are resistant to sun fade and corrosion. Different styles and finishes are also available, and it will surely match your personality. From dark or clear finish, nothing beats its styling concept. Nothing is more striking than these great looking accessories. So get your wiper cowls now here at Parts Train. So check out our catalog and choose which among the APC wiper cowl designs suit you needs, and we will deliver it right next to your door step.