APC Tail Light Assembly & Accessories

A lighting fixture that is installed on the rear portion of the vehicle is what you called the Tail Light. The Tail Light like the APC Tail Light actually comes in pairs (installed on the left and right) that are composed of different lighting fixtures that work differently. Among the different types of lights from the Tail Light is the signal light or the turn signal lights. The turn signal light actually uses a yellow bulb since yellow is its standard color. With turn signal light, the driver can send a message whether he is turning to the left or to the right.

Another lighting fixture found from the APC Tail Light is called the reverse light. It is used to light the rear portion of the vehicle when you and your car are moving backwards. When the vehicle is on the reverse shift, this light will automatically switch on illuminating the rear side. This light actually has the highest illumination but of course, not as brilliant as the headlight. The park light that is useful when parking is also found in the Tail Light. This light is the largest among the Tail Light which turns on when the brake pedal is pressed. This light is effective in signaling the driver from behind of your presence. Park light is also useful during foggy and wet weather to warn every vehicle from behind.

With all these lights that promotes a safe ride, installing a Tail Light to your vehicle should therefore be considered as a must. Yet, the quality of such should never be taken for granted when choosing one for your car. Our APC Tail Light would be a great choice. Aside from that, APC products come in the most affordable price. So take advantage of it now, visit Parts Train catalog now.