APC Strut Bar & Accessories

The APC strut bar is a part of the vehicle's suspension that serves as a support to provide more strength from the strut towers. The strut bar is also called strut brace or strut tower. Combining the spring and the shock absorber in your vehicle suspension allows the load to be transmitted on the top of the strut tower. Compared to a wishbone style suspension, its spring and shock absorber shares the load separately. So a monocoque chassis that is attached on the inner wheel well does not connect directly on the main chassis rail hence an inherent flex from the strut towers in relation to the chassis rail is produced.

So to reduce this strut tower flex, a strut bar should be installed. It is actually attached by tying both the parallel strut towers together to form a single unit. From such, the load from each strut tower is transmitted during cornering through tension and compression of the strut bar. This then distributed to both of the towers which reduces the chassis flex. As a result, the chassis rigidity is improved, the under steering, tire wearing as well as metal stress is also reduced. The steering response and the handling ability are also improved.

So if you want to solidify your vehicle's suspension, install a brace in between this two strut towers. Using a strut bar is actually considered as the easiest means of upgrading your suspension system. This APC strut bar will definitely provide a great advantage to your car. So why not consider modifying your vehicle's suspension now, get the lowest price offer of the strut bar available here at Parts Train. The APC strut bar we offer comes in the finest quality, and will surely lasts a lifetime. For more details, check the Parts Train catalog.