APC Short Shifter & Accessories

The APC short shifter is an effective tool in reducing the distance your hand needs to move to engage the next gear. As a result, there will be a reduction in the amount of time spent in shifting as well as reduction of wasted time between shifts. The net effect – better performance! It is just a mere fallacy that the short shifter is just a chopped off version of the stock shifter. This misconception is obviously absurd. The truth is chopping your shifter does not create an effect on the angle that the shifter shaft travels through between the gears; hence, there is no reduction in the shifter's angular throw.

Improving your shifting is never complicated with the APC short shifter. This will truly reduce the length of the shift and improve the shifting. It reduces throws from 30 to 40% and allows your vehicle to come at faster and more precise fit. The APC short shifter works perfectly as it decreases throw by reducing the angle that the shifter shaft travels through on the time of its stroke between gears. And by reducing the angle that the shaft travels through between the gears, the distance that your hand requires to move between gears is likewise reduced. Having this achieved will create a sportier look and feel.

In addition, it helps in limiting the linear throw length when coupled with the reduced angular throw. There is of course a difference between the geometry of the short shifter and the stock shifter for the purpose of lessening the distance that the upper section where the shift knob threads or needs to move so as to achieve the same degree of movement in the lower section in which the shift rod or shifter cables are attached. Meanwhile, Parts Train offers APC line of products including the APC short shifter. Check them out through our extensive online catalog. You may need them in the near future if not today.