APC Roll Pan & Accessories

The roll pan like the APC roll pan is an essential car component that replaces the rear bumper of a pick up truck which effectively provides a monochromatic look. Roll pans are commonly constructed from fiberglass and can be painted to match up the color or style of a particular truck. Most roll pans designs usually include integral taillights. The three materials of roll pan offer a unique style. The fiberglass roll pan is considered as the most stylish but the cheapest one.

The fiberglass roll pan can be attached to the vehicle to remove the lines from the SUV or truck to roll pans. This roll pan is the most durable one, but the most fragile roll pan marketed because of how the fiberglass was made. Meanwhile, the steel roll pans give more strength compared to the fiberglass made roll pans. Through bolting or welding on the steel roll pan, you can have the look that you desire or you want to put up to your car.

The urethane roll pan on the other hand is the most expensive, durable and the latest, because newer vehicles utilize urethane roll pans. It has an excellent flexibility that makes the vehicle bounce during minor bumps and naturally maintain its shape. So the choice is yours, you have a lot of option when it comes to choosing the right roll pan that will perfectly match the look of your vehicle. Parts Train will provide it all, with our huge selection of APC roll pans, you will definitely find the one that will suit perfectly to your travel body.