APC Emblem & Accessories

An emblem is a pattern that is used to convey an idea or thought. It may consist of a pictorial image, abstract or representational that epitomizes a concept. An emblem crystallizes in concrete, visual terms, some abstraction. It is an object or a representation of an object. An emblem is a general term that describes a vast array of assorted types and constructions. Emblems are used on cars. One of the best emblem providers is APC. Emblem is just another way for you to get noticed and show how proud you are of your car with an emblem that carries the APC logo. Good thing about the APC emblem is that it has a self-adhesive backing that makes it easy to attach almost anywhere.

Emblems have two types—enamel emblems and plastic insert emblems. The enamel emblem has a metal base copper which is usually plated with chrome, nickel or gold and is inlaid with enamel colors. Enamel emblems can be found on the radiator grille, headlight bars, hubcaps, trunk racks, spares, side mounts, and in the interior as well. Enamel emblems that are already deteriorating may have plating that has faded or is pitted.

On the other hand, the plastic insert emblem is made from a clear plastic which appears to have its design and colors imbedded inside. This emblem is usually mounted in some type of metal bezel which is chrome or gold plated. They are located in the car's hood, trunk, quarter panels, hubcaps, steering wheel, and almost everywhere for a decorative effect. Deterioration is most certainly due to the flaking off of paint on the underside of the emblem, or sometimes, colors fade away. It may also develop crazing or hairline cracking because of its plastic component.