APC Dash Trim & Accessories

Adding the APC dash trim is the best way if you are planning to improve the look of your car's interior, whether you are looking for a way to customize your ride or would like to replace a discolored or cracked interior. Dash trims from APC are available in numerous designs and styles and are reasonably priced. Dash trims are easy to apply and may be offered in various colors and textures for whatever make and model of your vehicle. There are two types of dash trim that you can find in the market today. The first type is the flat dish which is pre-manufactured for popular makes and models of vehicles. The second type is the molded dash which is composed after measuring the car's interior components.

The popularity of dash trim emerged due to the British-made import sports cars. Many people coveted the wooden made interiors that were the marks of distinction in these vehicles. As these wooden dashes become synonymous with higher class sports sedan, some people chose to get this type of console to their car. As dash kits became less expensive, the selection and the options have gone up. They are no longer confined to traditional wooden panels, dash kits now come in different types of materials. And because of the easy installation, car owners install the kit themselves. With this, the freedom and mobility relating to customizing a vehicle has made them even more popular alternative to traditional car interiors.

It is no surprise why APC dash trim is the choice of car owners and enthusiasts. Extensive coverage combined with the finest fit and finish gives any vehicle's interior the added dimension and style. Browse our catalog now, locate your dash trim and be among our satisfied clients. Parts Train is a reliable online auto parts dealer that can cater all your car parts needs.