APC Bumper Lens & Accessories

As a standard part, your bumper functions for both safety and aesthetic purposes. It is made of heavy sheet metal and is mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle. It is purposively bent and formed into various shapes in order to absorb a fraction of the impact and therefore decrease the damage to the vehicle and its passengers. Moreover, it protects the front of the car by diverting the entire car's momentum to the object with which it has collided. Mounted to the vehicle's chassis, the bumper is equipped with special absorber and at the same spring loaded. This spring allows the bumper to compress and then extend back to its original position in a slow speed collision.

Yes, the bumper is crafted to be like an energy absorber in order to absorb the impact to minimize passenger and vehicle damages. It is through a series of valves and air chambers that the bumper absorbs the impact obtained from a collision. There are some bumpers that are equipped with hydraulic chambers. With such, the absorption unit allows air and hydraulic fluid to pass through small openings in the event of collision. The energy from the collision is absorbed by forcing the air/fluid through the valve openings. You may as well install bumper lenses and side marker to further give your car a look that you will surely want.

The parking lamps and bumper lenses reflect the light from the headlights to allow a car to see you sitting on the road. The good news is the bumper lenses and the parking lamps are an easy way to swap to change your lights. Parts Train allows you to experience a convenient, fast and safe shopping. We got APC products like the APC bumper lens and a lot more to replace your stock parts. APC replacement parts are meant to last and will not fail you!