APC Air Dam & Accessories

The air drum is the body shell's projection underneath the front of the chassis. It is responsible for reducing the amount of air turbulence and drag underneath the car and for channeling the air to the radiator. It is the front spoiler mounted beneath the bumper, shaped to decrease the air flow under the car. While it can increase the airflow to the radiator, it can reduce aerodynamic drag as well as the lift. The air dam is intended to enhance the aerodynamics by blocking the flow of turbulent air under the chassis. Vehicle makers have vividly shown their interest in aerodynamics ever since. But the need to enhance fuel economy in recent years has pushed aerodynamics toward the top of automakers' priority list.

The easiest way to improve a vehicle's fuel economy is to make it smaller and lighter and give it a smaller engine. But the buying public demands bigger vehicles like sports car or 7-passenger SUVs and 5, 000 pound capacity tow vehicles. It's a good thing carmakers have found a way to meet the relative demands of vehicle enthusiasts. The vehicle needs to slip more smoothly through the air. The main driver for lower aerodynamic is fuel economy. Aerodynamicists and designers subtly shape vehicles to reduce drag. They fine-tune the way air attaches to the vehicle's surface and the way it leaves the rear end.

There are other ways to improve the aerodynamic of your car. These include reducing your use of racks, rolling up your windows and turning on the air conditioner at higher speeds, changing a broken or missing front air dam, lowering the vehicle, running narrowing tires and choosing smoother wheels. Parts Train is one with you if you want to enhance your ride. We got a wide selection of APC products like the APC air dam and other replacement parts from aftermarket brands. You've got to check us out!