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Drivers are among the most efficient multitaskers, even though they might not realize it. Just imagine yourself as you drive-you step on the gas pedal, steer the wheel, deal with the shifter (if you have a manual transmission), fumble with the turn signal switch as you turn, and so on and so forth. You do a lot of things all at once! For many drivers like you, all these have become so natural that you can do them simultaneously in a blink of an eye. But, you must understand that it is this ability that keeps you safe when driving. Add in reliable parts from companies like AP, and you can expect to reach your destination safely.

The fact is, no matter how good a multitasker you are, that's not enough. You still need reliable components to maintain your safety. And knowing this, AP has embarked on the manufacture of parts related to two of the pedals that you have in your car right by your feet-the clutch and the brakes. The company offers a wide range of clutch and brake parts. It offers individual clutch parts like the disc, as well as complete clutch kits for overall replacement. When it comes to the brakes, it offers both parts for disc brake systems (i.e. calipers) and for drum brake assemblies (i.e. wheel cylinder). It even offers complete kits for all your repair needs.

And when it comes to maintaining the new AP clutch and brake parts in your vehicle, both systems actually have a big similarity. For one, you need to keep track of their friction materials (brake pads and clutch disc). When these materials have become depleted, replace the parts at once. Another thing is, you also have to check their hydraulic fluid once in a while to ensure that the fluid is always at the correct level. You may have to bleed the systems in case there is air inside them to restore the efficiency of the parts.

In case you're looking for replacements for any of the parts of the said assemblies, you can check out our offered parts here at Parts Train. And because our site is designed for user-friendly navigation, there's no need to do a lot of multitasking when shopping. With just a few mouse clicks, you can have your needed AP parts in no time.