AMR Window Regulator & Accessories

Most cars these days have power windows that enable drivers to raise and lower the windows by just pushing a button or switching a toggle switch. In most cases, there are even switches located in the passenger side so that the windows can be controlled by almost anyone inside the vehicle. Though the mechanical power that moves the windows comes from the power window motor, that power is transferred to the gears by a component called the window regulator. Though your car's factory window regulator is a pretty sturdy component, it will soon falter when it ages. If you're looking for a replacement, you need anAMR Window Regulator.Unlike other window regulators, the one fromAMR is designed to perfectly fit the power windows of your vehicle. It's designed for easy installation without complicated modifications required. Once installed, this window regulator fromAMR will ensure that your car's windows will perform best anytime. You can raise and lower them according to your needs with just one push of a button. Aside from convenience, this regulator ensures that the windows are locked when they're closed. Once the part has been activated, it's nearly impossible to open the windows from outside.Just like other window regulators, theAMR Window Regulator works by moving a couple of worm gears, spur gears, and linkages. To support the entire window, it relies on a plate and the window bar. With the power coming from the motor, the window regulator rotates the various gears that either raise or lower the windows.Without a doubt, thisAMR Window Regulator is the perfect replacement for the busted factory window regulator of your car. To have this product, all you need to do is place your order here at and we'll handle all of your needs.