AMR Tie Rod Assembly & Accessories

Steering problems are commonAMong all types of cars. The usual causes of these problems are worn tires and suspension parts. Sometimes, however, it can also be the steering system itself that's to blame. Steering components such as tire rods might be damaged. These rods are the connection between the steering rack and the steering knuckle holding the front wheels. If your ride's tie rod assembly needs to be replaced, then theAMR tie rod assembly is just the thing you need.Most rods can be adjusted in length to affect how wide or narrow a front wheel will turn as per steering wheel input. One common problem involving tire rods is wear and tear on the ball joint on each tire rod end. These ball joints bolt directly onto the steering knuckles. If a joint succumbs to excessive wear and tear, it'll lose its firmness—and with it goes your car's steering. With the engine off, try turning the steering wheel side to side. Too much play on either side may mean a worn-out tire rod end ball joint. Erratic steering is another symptom. Once you see these symptoms, have anAMR tire rod assembly ready.Getting to the tire rod and tire rod end usually entails having to remove the wheel to minimize obstruction. It might be too much to remove the brake components and wheel hubs to gain even more room to work, and the process can be quite tedious. Remember to count the number of turns you make when removing the tire end nut, and make the same number of turns during installation of the tire rod assembly.Getting anAMR Tie Rod Assembly is easy here at Just remember, after any modification, repair, or replacement of suspension and steering parts, make sure to have your tires aligned at a tire shop to help your car's steering and suspension systems work more effectively.