AMR Steering Damper & Accessories

If you've just raised your car's height to accommodate bigger wheels, there's a good chance that it'll start oscillating once you hop in. In automotive terms, you'll experience wobbling, which could directly affect the entire steering system. So what causes this in the first place? One possible reason is your factory steering damper no longer being able to handle the new height of your car. Your car's steering system has to compensate for this new height, resulting in a wobbling movement. Well, it shouldn't be a cause for concern because you can always get theAMR Steering Damper for a quality replacement steering damper.The steering damper fromAMR will give your car excellent clearance and great looks that you won't get anywhere else. Installed right in between the frame and the steering system, it's designed to reduce vibrations like no other. Once you install it, you won't have to deal with arm fatigue and strain anymore. Unlike other steering stabilizers, this one comes with a complete set of installation hardware that will help you set it up in a flash. And to make troubleshooting a breeze, you'll also find a service manual that contains everything you need to know.TheAMR Steering Damper can be used on passenger cars and even large SUVs. Once installed, it'll greatly improve your car's handling while dramatically reducing steering kickback and road shock. On top of all that, it comes withAMR's limited warranty as well.If you want to get this topnotchAMR Steering Damper, all you have to do is find it at Once you place it in your virtual shopping bag and check out, our shipping team will process and deliver it to you in no time. For more information about steering dampers, check out our online catalog now.