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Almost every major electrical component in your car uses a relay embedded in its circuit. The relay responds to small changes in voltage, activating other devices in the circuit. Take, for example, the headlights. A relay can be located between the low-power circuit leading to the switch on your steering column and the high-power circuit supplying power to the headlights. So, if the relay breaks down, the headlights can't be turned on. AnAMR relay will make a good replacement if you burn out any relays in your ride.A relay is essentially an electromagnetic switch. When you turn a switch on while driving, the relay's electromagnet is activated. The magnet, acting as another switch, closes another circuit that ultimately supplies power to whatever electrically powered equipment you're using. The relay helps keep a low-power circuit from burning out by separating it from the actual power circuit. TheAMR relay is designed to do just that. With this relay in your car, you can definitely get longer use out of your car's electrical components.How do you test if a particular relay's not working properly? Take another relay, pop it into the relay box in place of the relay you suspect is broken, then see if the electrical circuit works. If the electrical component works properly with the new relay, then the component's original relay is probably busted. The best solution to that problem is to replace the faulty relay. When it comes to replacement relays,AMR's relays are excellent options. Each relay fromAMR comes with a warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.If you're looking for replacement relays to restore the function of your ride's electrical components, you can get anAMR relay here at You can browse through our catalogs to find the exact relay you need as well as other auto products.