AMR PCV Hose & Accessories

The blowby gases often found in the engine crankcase are very toxic. Why? Well, that's because they contain moisture, combustion residue, and unburned fuel that are harmful to human health. The crankcase is sealed tight so that the gases won't escape into the atmosphere. But, the vapor should be removed because it will contaminate the crankcase and can create sludge formation. The part responsible for removing these unwanted vapors and routing them back to the intake manifold to be burned is called the PCV or positive crankshaft ventilation. For the PCV system to work at its best, its parts must be properly connected with one another. When it comes to that, you need anAMR PCV Hose.The PCV hose is essentially a vapor-carrying hose that connects the various sections of the PCV system. You'll find a hose that connects the PCV valve to the intake manifold and another hose connecting the air cleaner to the crankcase. Compared to other PCV hoses, the one fromAMR is made from corrosion-resistant steel that is not only durable but high-performance as well.TheAMR PCV Hose is designed for easy installation and troubleshooting. Crafted using only precise engineering techniques, it's built to fit the PCV system of your car like a glove. On top of everything,AMR has also subjected the part to strict laboratory and on-road testing before getting it out of its state-of-the-art facilities.Clearly, thisAMR PCV Hose is the perfect complement to your car's PCV system. If you want it in your vehicle, all you have to do is find it in our catalog and place it in your shopping cart. Once you're done, our agents will contact you to confirm your purchase. For a PCV hose that lasts for years, the one fromAMR is your best bet.