AMR Heater Core & Accessories

AnAMR heater core is like a miniature radiator. Like its engine-cooling counterpart, the heater core also lowers coolant temperature. However, unlike a radiator, the heater core also makes use of the dissipated heat by keeping your cabin warm. Once the coolant passes through the heater core's tubes, it increases the core's surface area. As its temperature goes up, the heater core's tubes give off heat that's then used to warm your passenger compartment.Aside from its cabin heating properties, theAMR heater core could also help your car from overheating. See, if your radiator is about to reach critical temperature, you can also turn on your heater core for extra engine cooling. This gives an extra boost for your radiator because the heater core acts like a secondary cooling system by dissipating coolant heat as well.That said, it's best that you keep this component in good condition. During the winter months, a working heater core is obviously a definite need as you wouldn't be able to drive for long hours without proper cabin heating. The summer months, on the other hand, might affect how fast your engine heats up. In that context, it's best that the heater core is in top shape since you'll never know when you're going to need that extra engine cooling.Over time, however, the heater core can wear out. It might even get damaged. Depending on the severity, you can either have it serviced or replaced. If it's already busted, make sure you get a newAMR heater core. You wouldn't have to worry, though, because this and other products are available at Just check out our catalog and see if we've got one that's compatible for your car. On top of that, we've got great discounts available for our customers. So don't wait, give our catalog a try.