AMR Expansion Tank & Accessories

Wonder why your ride's cooling system may need an expansion tank even if it already has a sizeable tank? You see, coolants expand as temperature rises. When the engine starts to attain its appropriate operative temperature, the coolant begins to enlarge. That's when you need an expansion tank. Here, it's best to fit your ride with theAMR expansion tank, a top-quality auto part specially made to fit your car's cooling system.This product fromAMR, when already installed, can become a new reservoir of your cooling system. This is where you can add the necessary coolant anytime the need arises. And that would be when, you may ask? Well, you have to check the tank once in a while. In most cases, a dip stick can be used to check the level. There are some car makes and models, though, that offer accessibility to the level ofAMount in the tank. It actually depends on the specification of the vehicle.TheAMR expansion tank has the same specifications as that of your old and worn-out tank. That way, it can be fixed in place without any hassle. In fact, if you're up to the challenge, you can do the replacement yourself. Remember to do it on cold engine for your safety, though. You only need simple hand tools and, of course, a manual to ensure you'll get the task done safely and appropriately.TheAMR expansion tank is offered at We have this perfect-fit coolant tank in store for you in our expansive online catalog of quality auto parts and accessories. We're open 24/7, so you can order any time you want. In fact, you can do that right this very moment! And if you do, we'll ship your ordered item directly to your place in no time.