AMR Driveshaft & Accessories

Sure, the engine is the part responsible for burning fuel so that the wheels of your car can turn. But then again, all that power and torque would be useless without a mechanism that would transform it to mechanical power. Your car is equipped with a driveshaft to do the job. The typical driveshaft is a pretty tough component, but you may still need to replace it when it starts to age. If you're looking for a replacement that would stand the test of time, try anAMR Driveshaft.Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, the driveshaft will supply your wheels with all the torque that your car's engine generates. It comes with a billet pinion yoke adapter that helps it handle all the stress associated with daily driving. Its aluminum construction also ensures a reduced rotational mass, thanks to the lighter characteristic of aluminum compared to most materials. As a result, the driveshaft spins faster. Compared to similar products, theAMR Driveshaft comes with high-performance U-joints that are easy to install.This driveshaft fromAMR is the perfect replacement to your stocker when it has already been damaged by the rigors of daily driving. Measuring three inches long while featuring a thick seamless tubing, it's built to handle even your off-road adventures. To top everything off, it's electronically balanced so that it would spin correctly at all times.Without a doubt, theAMR Driveshaft is the perfect replacement for your old driveshaft. If you want this installed in your car, you can now find it right here at Our store is one of the number one online stores when it comes to all things related to your car. That said, you can shop anytime and we'll deliver right away. For additional information about our products and programs, check out regularly.