AMR Coolant Temperature Sensor & Accessories

Determining the exact temperature of your car engine is almost impossible. Fortunately, automotive engineers have come up with theAMR Coolant Temperature Sensor, a device designed to constantly monitor engine temperature. This sensor is located near the thermostat housing inside the intake manifold. It sends accurate temperature reading to the engine to maintain the proper operation of the different automotive systems.Crafted from brass, theAMR Coolant Temperature Sensor is designed to detect any change in coolant temperature. After doing the reading, it sends a signal to the power control module to determine whether the engine is too cold, just warming up, or already overheating. This is crucial because the information that the sensor sends to the PCM determines how the entire management system will work. If a wrong signal is sent to the system, functions related to fuel, ignition, emission, and drivetrain are instantly affected. When this happens, you might experience issues like emission problems and increased fuel consumption.The coolant temperature sensor fromAMR is a top-caliber part that will never fail you. Designed to work with almost all kinds of cooling systems, it's one of the most versatile coolant temperature sensors available today. It includes all the mounting hardware needed for installation so that you'll have an easy time installing the part without all the hassles.If you want to get this top-caliberAMR Coolant Temperature Sensor, you can now find it here at We are your one-stop shop when it comes to car parts and accessories. So if you need replacement parts that don't cost that much, you can find them here at our store. With, you're just a few clicks away from getting the product that you need. So, shop now and protect your engine from extreme temperatures and damage.