AMR Control Arm Bushing & Accessories

Do you feel intense vibrations each time you turn the steering wheel or roll over bumps? It could be the control arms causing the problem, or more specifically, worn-out control arm bushings. You see, each control arm is bolted to the car's body. To prevent excess vibrations, the control arms are equipped with bushings. Unfortunately, these bushings become hard and brittle over time. Dry-rotted bushings are almost useless when it comes to vibration absorption and ultimately result in steering problems. Well, that's where a replacementAMR control arm bushing comes in handy.To understand how important control arm bushings are, you'll need a little background on what control arms do. Each wheel has an upper and lower control arm. Usually shaped like a letter Y or V, or just a simple rod with bearings on each end, a control arm locates the wheels longitudinally, while still allowing vertical movement. However, with worn-out bushings, wheel stability could be severely compromised along with handling, acceleration, and braking. It could also lead to increased tire wear and poor fuel consumption. Your only option would be to replace the damaged bushings.TheAMR control arm bushing is your best bet when it comes to replacements. It has highly corrosion-resistant outer and inner metal sleeves. Plus, it has a core made of superior-quality rubber that won't easily get distorted, ripped, or cracked, providing your control arm an excellent suspension resistance. To make installation of this control arm bushing easier, apply generousAMounts of grease on the inside and outside surfaces of the bushing. Torque the connecting bolts according to factory specifications. For even better results, have your wheels aligned professionally.But first, make sure you have the right-sizedAMR control arm bushing. At, you'll easily find the right component for your ride. We have high-qualityAMR products and so much more, so don't hesitate to browse through our catalogs anytime.