AMR Camshaft Seal & Accessories

Timing is crucial to a vehicle's operation. In fact, modern vehicles are equipped with an on-board computer to ensure everything is in sync. This is achieved through the different sensors and control units installed in every part or assembly.AMong these parts is the camshaft of the engine. This shaft drives the valves to open and close for the efficient flow of air-fuel mixture and exhaust gases. But it needs to keep the engine oil in and harmful elements out. To do this, the camshaft needs a seal. TheAMR camshaft seal is a good example of this.TheAMR camshaft seal is an aftermarket manufactured part designed according to the original seal's specifications and properties. It is also made from high-grade materials and engineered to endure extreme conditions. Clearly, this replacement product is intended for optimum performance and long service life. This way, it will not only restore the sealing capacity of the old and worn part, but will also improve the camshaft's function.Under normal conditions, the camshaft seal is made to last a predetermined service period. This is to ensure that it will not rot in the engine bay and cause severe oil leak while the camshaft operates. If the seal is damaged, engine oil will deplete faster. Now, the problem with sparseAMount of oil inside the valvetrain will make all the working parts prone to overheat and wear. That's why it's safer to get camshaft seals replaced at the first sign of damage than to wait until other parts get damage as well.Looking for the right seal is easy. You don't even have to go far to find it. We have the complete line here at, and theAMR camshaft seal is one of them. True to our commitment of providing cars with exact-fit replacement parts, we have categorized this part according to make and fit of engine for your convenience!