AMR CV Boot Kit & Accessories

CV joints are durable, but it's still crucial for them to be protected at all times. And when it comes to that, what you need are dependable CV boots. Over time though, these little boots eventually age and get damaged and the CV joints become susceptible to moisture and debris—the last thing you want to happen. To remedy the problem, you need a dependableAMR CV Boot Kit.The CV boot kit fromAMR contains several pieces of CV boots made from high-quality rubber. These boots protect your car's CV joints from heat and pressure, extending their service life in the process. Aside from the CV boots, the entire kit comes with a complete set of installation hardware. That said, you won't have any trouble mounting the boots. And once the boots are mounted, there's no way moisture and dirt can damage them. For an effortless installation and troubleshooting, you can also consult the service manual that comes with theAMR CV Boot Kit.Meanwhile, it's important that you know how to check whether your car's CV boots are already damaged. To do that, lie on your back and slide under the front part of your car as far as you can. Then, locate the axles and find the rubber boots attached at the end. If you see cracks and signs of wear and tear, don't hesitate to replace them with the CV boots now offers theAMR CV Boot Kit at an affordable price. All you have to do is place your order here at our store and we'll deliver the kit to you right away. Here at, we don't make people wait. We make sure that we deliver the part that you order right in time for your installation.