AMR Breather Hose & Accessories

One might think of an engine as some sort of large air pump. It takes air in, mixes the air with fuel, burns the mixture, and then pushes exhaust out. Unfortunately, engines don't always work that well. Chances are, if your car's engine isn't brand-new, combustion gases get past the piston rings and leak into the crankcase where the crankshaft and the engine's oil is stored. If the breather hose is clogged, you're in a heap of trouble. For this, you'll need a replacementAMR breather hose.The breather hose is part of the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system. On either end of the hose is a PCV valve. This valve restricts the flow of blow-by gases from the crankcase back into the intake manifold. It's fully opened when the engine is idling and closes at wide-open throttle. Once the breather hose gets clogged, however, it won't be long before the valve gets clogged as well. Once that happens, the hose is virtually useless. That's when you swap it out for anAMR breather hose.The main cause of blow-by gases are worn-out piston rings and a blown head gasket. Excessive blow-by gases dilute the engine oil with unburned fuel, drastically stripping the oil of its lubricating abilities. Don't let this problem get out of hand. TheAMR breather hose is made from durable materials and matches or exceeds the specifications of OEM hoses. Not only will it fit into the PCV system perfectly, but it will also outlast the service life of its stock counterparts. Each breather hose is backed up by a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first—added security guarantee for your purchase.Avoid engine problems by getting quality replacements for vital components. You can find quality breather hoses and so much more at Once the PCV system is fixed, make sure to keep your car's engine tuned.