AMR Brake Disc & Accessories

To keep your car's brake system in top shape, you should be observant to any changes in its performance. Pulsing or vibration when you step on the brakes, for instance, indicates warped brake discs. Warping ruins the brake discs' even surface, which the brake pads hold onto, resulting in reduced braking power. And that, in turn, can put you on the fast track to injury. To avoid that, better invest in anAMR brake disc for your car.If you're replacing a warped brake disc, then you should know that the main culprit behind warping is excessive heat. Temperature in the brake system's already hot working environment doubles after high-speed braking. Pressing on the brake pedal even after the car has already stopped makes the situation worse. The hot brake pads can permanently damage the disc's shape, affecting the way these components work. The disc surface becomes uneven, making it hard for the brake pads to properly press against them.Now, theAMR brake disc is designed to resist warping throughout its service life. Some mechanics would tell you that a little machining should fix your car's damaged brake discs. Yes, resurfacing will restore the discs, but only temporarily. Chances are, the pulsing will return in just a few months. The best solution is to replace the warped discs. You should also adjust your braking habits. Never ride the brake pedal after your car has stopped. Step on the pedal lightly even before you come to a traffic light or the vehicle you're tailing has totally stopped. This will reduce wear on the pads and minimize the heat that causes warping.If you want your car's braking system to perform at its best, you better replace a warped disc with anAMR brake disc. It comes in sets of two with a 12-month warranty.AMR's brake discs are available at at budget-friendly prices.