AMR Axle Seal & Accessories

A wheel bearing actually does a lot in keeping your car's wheels rolling. Apart from supporting radial load, the bearing also supports much of your vehicle's weight. So don't be surprised if the bearings give out one day. Premature bearing failure can also occur in case of a broken axle seal. The seal keeps dirt and moisture out, while keeping the grease inside the bearing. For a seal that will keep the bearing protected at all times for a long time, use anAMR axle seal.By preventing water and dirt from entering the bearing, theAMR axle seal ensures that the bearing's grease stays clean and contaminant-free. Contaminated bearing grease is one of the most common reasons of premature bearing failure. Once water gets into the bearing, for instance, rust may form along the bearing's interior and cause its components to grind against each other—something you definitely don't want to happen.Another sign that the axle seal is already worn is oil leak by the wheel, which may seep into the brake drum and reduce its efficiency. In this case, it's highly recommended to replace the bearing along with the axle seal. Be extra careful, though, when installing the axle seal; you could nick it. One technique mechanics use in installing a new seal is by pushing it in with a socket that matches the seal's diameter. Position the new seal, place the socket over it, and then gently hammer on the socket along its circumference.As standard procedure, lube the new seal with grease or oil. Otherwise, the chances that the new seal will easily get scraped and damaged will be fairly high. With a high-qualityAMR axle seal, you can be sure that you won't be changing the component for a long time. For affordable, top-qualityAMR products, browse through's online catalog.