AMR ABS Speed Sensor & Accessories

Having an anti-lock braking system (ABS) on your car doesn't mean you can abuse the brake pedal. The ABS is there to keep the tires from locking up under heavy braking. But you still have to learn how to brake properly, because once the ABS sensor fails, you may suddenly find yourself experiencing wheel lock. A faulty sensor won't send accurate information to the ECU, rendering the ABS system incapable of adjusting braking force on each wheel. But you can fix the problem with a newAMR Speed Sensor.The ABS sensor allows the system to determine if the wheels are all spinning at the same speed. When theAMR Speed Sensor indicates that one wheel is spinning more slowly than the others are, the ABS reduces braking force on that wheel. Oppositely, the ABS also increases braking force on a wheel that's spinning too quickly. These functions help the wheels rotate at a uniform speed, preventing wheel lock. Without a functional speed sensor, the ABS wouldn't be able to help your car's wheels maintain traction while braking.Since the ABS can mean the difference between safety and harm, you might as well invest in quality ABS parts, such as theAMR Speed Sensor. Studies have shown that a fully functional ABS can decrease the number of multiple vehicle crashes by as much as 18 percent. Other studies have also proven that an ABS reduces the likelihood of off-road crashes by as much as 35 percent. So, keeping your car's ABS system in top shape is indeed worth it.In case you find the "ABS" or "Brake" light on your instrument panel lit up, chances are you got a damaged Speed Sensor in your hands and you should start looking through our catalogs at We have a wide variety ofAMR Speed Sensors available for you.