AMO Suspension Sensor & Accessories

If you're tired of dealing with your car's leveling system and you're still having trouble figuring it all out, what you need is an automatic suspension sensor that does all the work for you. But the thing is, run-of-the-mill suspension sensors are often overpriced, and many of them don't perform up to par. If you don't want to end up with second-rate suspension sensors, use what experts trust: the AMO Suspension Sensor.The suspension sensor detects whether your air suspension system is leveled or not. This sensor works by reading the spring's position and then sending a signal to the air valve and controller so that the necessary adjustments can be done. Other sensors work by providing the computer with the right data about the vehicle's actual ride height. They make it easy to adjust the pressure of air so that your car is able to maintain its stability while giving you better performance and handling at the same time. All is done by adding or reducing the air pressure until your desired ride is achieved.Installing the AMO Suspension Sensor is easy, too. With the straightforward installation procedures you'll find in manuals, you can mount everything in no time. In addition to that, the part is also compatible with different kinds of vehicles. So whether you're driving a passenger car or an SUV, you'll find the right suspension sensor for is one of your biggest resources when it comes to topnotch suspension components like this AMO Suspension Sensor. With our huge selection of parts, we have more than enough supplies to meet your needs. And when you order this sensor, we'll make sure that you get the part on time together with its 12,000-mile warranty. To find the specific part that you need, simply browse our complete catalog anytime.