AMO Oil Pump & Accessories

Engine parts perform efficiently even in a hot and abrasive environment—how is this possible? The secret lies in oil, which is consistently circulated throughout the engine. The oil lubricates the engine parts and protects them from corrosion. In the process, the oil keeps the engine cool, preventing overheats. Because of this fluid's performance, you should make sure that all your oil circulation components are in good condition. To ensure consistent oil circulation, equip your car with the AMO oil pump.The AMO oil pump is a direct replacement unit and is a perfect replacement for your stock pump. This component is designed with top materials to ensure durability and performance. It will exceed the performance of your original unit. The product has been tested with the use of computer simulation technology to guarantee performance.This oil pump is driven by the engine through its shafts. It is a rotor type of pump that's spring loaded to keep it at appropriate minimum rate. This mechanism pressurizes the oil from the reservoir, sending it to the oil lines in the valve train. This ensures that all the engine parts are well-lubricated. The entire process begins with the oil pump. That's why it is important to have a high-quality unit. And the AMO oil pumps are the best in the market.You can get the AMO oil pump here at Because it is a direct-fit component, this aftermarket is easy to install. Any experienced do-it-yourself (DIY) mechanic can easily install this product. All that's necessary are some basic hand tools, Just follow the installation manual that comes with the product, and set up would be a breeze. To order, just use our interface by keying in the necessary information. For any questions and concerns, you can contact our 24-hour customer service hot line.