AKG Intercooler & Accessories

If you're one of those guys with a supercharged engine, a simple air intake isn't enough to cool down all the air going to your engine. When a supercharged engine compresses, it tends to heat the air intake. So, the incoming air is heated too, making it less dense. And the truth is, replacing your stock air intake won't remedy the problem. What you need is an AKG Intercooler to cool down the air right before it enters the air intake.The AKG Intercooler cools down and compresses the incoming air, resulting in a horsepower and torque boost of up to 60 horsepower and 140 ft/lbs. Despite this increase in power, you won't see any black smoke coming out of your exhaust because the part is also designed to reduce emissions. Its core surface is larger, reducing heat transfer while improving air cooling at the same time. And with its all-aluminum construction, there's no way it will melt or warp even under intense temperatures and conditions. On top of everything, you can install it in a flash without any hassle at all.With the intercooler from AKG, you'll get more horsepower and torque from your supercharged engine while minimizing harmful emissions. Since it packs a stronger punch, you won't have any trouble driving through your favorite trail during the weekend, no matter how tough it gets. Best yet, your fuel consumption won't be affected once you install this product.Without a doubt, this first-rate AKG Intercooler is what your supercharged engine needs. To get it, simply check out our catalog at Partstrain.com and pick the right part for your ride. You'll find it equipped with a 1-year warranty, ensuring that you won't waste your money. For more information about our offered parts, you can contact our agents anytime.