AIM Ignition Lock Assembly & Accessories

Starting your automobile requires the simple process of keying the ignition. But what if your key ends up getting stuck? Well, if you've tried twisting the key again into the "on" position of the ignition switch and it still doesn't work, then you've got a busted ignition lock in your hands. And the best way to fix this problem is to replace it with a high-quality A.I.M. ignition lock assembly.The A.I.M. ignition lock assembly helps you secure your car from theft making it a necessity for your vehicle. It's best for upgrading purposes or for replacing your damaged assembly. To determine if you need one, do the following while in your car. First, with the key in its slot, step on the brakes and release the parking brake of the vehicle. Shift in neutral and release the brake pedal just enough to allow the vehicle rock in place. Turn the steering wheel in both directions again, pulling hard. If the key won't turn, then it's important for you to have an A.I.M. ignition lock assembly in place of the damaged one.Compared to its competitors, the A.I.M. ignition lock assembly can be set up without that much hassle. It comes as a ready-to-install device that can be wired into your system for proper performance. Using the manufacturer's instructional manual and simple hand tools, you can have the product installed on your own. You won't have to shell out your hard-earned money to have a mechanic do it for you.For a complete selection of automotive products, including the A.I.M. ignition lock assembly, be sure to browse through our catalog here at Our online store is available 24/7 so you can place an order anytime of the day. We guarantee fast and efficient delivery to your billing address once your orders have been received.